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ปฐมฤกษ์ไปแล้ว 25 July,2008

The 3-by-4 concept and how you can participate
Published on July 25, 2008
Would you vote for L1M1, L1M2, L1M3, L1M4, L2M1, L2M3, blah… blah… blah… up to L3M4? Welcome to the new column. Let me suggest a style. First, since life is already difficult, why make it more so. Therefore, this article should be easy to read. Second, because formality is not conducive to creativity, let us be informal.
Finally, since interaction fosters creativity, let us try and make this column participative.
So, shall we start being participative right from the beginning?
There are 12 chunks of content about creative organisation development (COD). Would it not be great if the next article is exactly about what you are interested in? Let me take you through the chunks and we will vote to decide the chunk that most interests you.
Those 12 chunks are 3 by 4.
In this case, "3" means the levels of COD. There are three levels that need training and coaching on creativity. Those are staff level, leader level and the management level. At the first level, the staff needs to know how to think creatively. Leaders need to know how to be the kind of boss who can get creativity from subordinates and blend those ideas with their experience. And, people at the management level need to know how to create systems that take those creative ideas into the implementation stage.
So now, you can vote for L1, L2 or L3 (L means "Level").
Four (in this case) stands for the 4 Ms of creativity development. The first M is "mindset", getting insights that can be applied to business. The second one is "mood", which opens up our creative minds and working environment. The third is "mechanics", channelising the creative mind into creative thinking and work process. Last (but not least), "momentum", which denotes making creativity sustainable in the long run.
Which M are you interested in?
Now, we have a code of Ls and Ms that can be used for voting.
As an example, if the highest vote is for L3M4, the next column will be about how management (L3: management level) would create a system that will create momentum (M4: momentum) for new ideas in the organisation, make them sustainable for years, instead of letting them die out in a couple of weeks or months.
Your participation is easy. Simply sms the code for the chunk of content you are interested in to (089) 500 9289, or e-mail the code to a.sarun@375c.com.
Let us be part of what the next article will be about.